CPC requests reinstatement of commercial tv production in Victorian government’s definition

UPDATE: With the swearing in of Danny Pearson as the new Victorian Minister for Creative Industries on 29 September, the CPC has recently redirected its formal request to Pearson’s ministerial office. A response is pending.

When the Victorian Government’s Stage 4 Restrictions were announced for our sector on 3 August, commercial television production was inexplicably excluded from its broader definition of screen production (which included long-form/feature filming and television productions).

At the time Film Victoria was unable to provide a rationale as to why commercial tv production had been singled out. The decision was a baffling one and the exclusion also seems at odds with the way in which our business operates, given that freelancers dominate our sector’s crews and work across commercial production and film as well as television production.

As a consequence, the CPC has recently written to the MInister for Creative Industries, the Hon. Martin Foley, MP, to query the government’s decision to single out commercial television production and to formallly request its reinstatement so that when restrictions are relaxed for our sector, commercial television production can recommence in alignment with film and television production.

The letter also sought clarification regarding critical and essential services, exemption processes, and special conditions that might apply for stills photography shoots and post-production services. A response from the DHHS is pending.